• Lash Applicator

Lash Applicator

  • $20.00
Apply your lashes with ease and perfection with our Lash Applicator!

This genius tool was designed to be able to get up close to your lash line to apply your lashes with precision. 
With its fine tip and a cheek/eye contour, applying lashes seamlessly has never been so easy. The shape of the Applicator enables you to get right up to your lash line with no interruption from the curves of your face.

The tip of the Lash Applicator clamps tightly, enabling you to press your natural lashes and your false lashes together to blend the two.

After applying a Lash, clean Lash Applicator with micellar water to ensure ALL residue of makeup is removed. Similarly to a lash curler, if there is mascara or glue on the tool, it will cause the tweezer to stick to your eyelashes.