The Complete Kit

  • $145.00
  • $174.00


Take your makeup routine to the next level with the Cotton Candy Complete Kit!
13 Handcrafted brushes from the Eye Blending Kit and the Complexion Kit.
Made with a blend of Synthetic and Natural hair. 

Fluffy Blender- A large fluffy brush for seamless blending
Pro Blender- A large rounded fluffy brush for blending
Fine Luxe Blender- A fine, narrow blending brush with fluffy bristles 
Seamless Blender- A mid sized blending brush
Flat Shader- A flat blending brush with long bristles for packing and blending
Luxe Blender- A mid sized rounded blending brush
Short Blender- A small blending brush with medium density
Petite Flat Blender- A flat blending brush with short bristles for packing and diffusing
Firm Blending- A small, densely packed blending brush
Pencil Brush- A tiny densely packed brush 

Large Powder- An oversized powder brush for applying product seamlessly and evenly to the skin.
Base Buffer- A flat top foundation brush for buffing liquid products into the skin.
Tapered Powder- A tapered powder brush for applying powders to the face with precision.

Comes with 3 brush guards to maintain the shape of face brushes. Place on brushes after washing.
Packaged in a luxury magnetic box.

Contains: Synthetic and Goat hair