The Eye Blending Kit

  • $95.00


Take your makeup routine to the next level with the Cotton Candy Eye Blending Kit!
10 Handcrafted blending brushes designed to grip pigment and blend eye shadow to perfection with super fluffy, soft bristles. 
Made with a blend of Synthetic and Natural hair. 

Fluffy Blender- A large fluffy brush for seamless blending
Pro Blender- A large rounded fluffy brush for blending
Fine Luxe Blender- A fine, narrow blending brush with fluffy bristles 
Seamless Blender- A mid sized blending brush
Flat Shader- A flat blending brush with long bristles for packing and blending
Luxe Blender- A mid sized rounded blending brush
Short Blender- A small blending brush with medium density
Petite Flat Blender- A flat blending brush with short bristles for packing and diffusing
Firm Blending- A small, densely packed blending brush
Pencil Brush- A tiny densely packed brush 

Packaged in a luxury magnetic box.

Contains: Synthetic and Goat hair